Import TEM data from ProTEM


Attached is the guide in pdf and file examples.

1. Either go to File --> Import in SPIA and choose import data in ProTEM format and load the data file, or go to the SPIA installation folder and run the ProTEMimporter.exe file.

2. If the user wants to import UTM coordinates along with the data, they have to make a UTM data file. Otherwise go to 4. The UTM data file has the following format:

9ma00 573221 6211792 63.54
9ma01 573405 6211966 59.90
9ma02 573338 621212259.22
9ma03 573286 621225159.93
9ma04 573288 621241256.83
9ma05 573238 621263160.10


  • 1st column is the station name. For older analog .93C data files the station name is located in in the data file with a “Note:” in front. For other data files (e.g. .RED or .GX7) the station name is the 3rd value in a data line. A example is below, where station name is marked with red:

    0802 0042 00001Z OPR REF u 4a 4+ #01263
    -40.8 -.2404 .1401 -.00408 .0418 .3475 .1266 -.04522 .06009 -.115 -.03326 .04714 -.00769 .0121 .01349 -.01576 .02017 .00705 .02912 .01851 -.00221 .0025 .006813 1 1600/1263
  • 2nd column is the UTM-x coordinate.
  • 3rd column is the UTM-y coordinate.
  • 4th column is the elevation.

3. Load the UTM data file and choose Coordinate system in the drop down.
4. Choose ProTEM format file. There are 3 standard files:

Protem47Digital: For digital ProTEM instruments (.red and .GX7 data files) with 20 time gates.
Protem47Digital_30gates: For digital ProTEM instruments (.red and .GX7 data files) with 30 time gates.
Protem47Analog: For analog ProTEM instruments (.93C data files) with 20 time gates.

5. Select 50 Hz or 60 Hz power line frequency.

6. Load data files and click Convert.


ProTEM ini file
In the installation folder of SPIA a Protem.ini file is located. Only the header in this file can be changed. As default the settings are set for digital instruments.

Change between analog and digital
Two settings needs to be change to switch to an analog instrument:


  • Set ProtemInstrumentAnalogDigital =Analog
  • Set GetStationNameFrom =NoteField

Other settings
NoiseDataLevel can be change if the importer does sort a data channel as a noise channel because the data is close to this value.
TxPos og RxPos can be set if setup of the instruments is not a central loop setup.

Ini file General header

ProtemInstrumentAnalogDigital=Digital  /Analog/Digital. Defines whether data is from an analog or a digital ProTEM instrument.
GetStationNameFrom=StationField     /NoteField/StationField. Group input data to sounding by Note (=NoteField) or Station (=StationField)
NoiseDataLevel=1e-7                  /Tag segment as noise measurement if average of db/dt data for the segment is below NoiseDataLevel (V/m2)
NInitialGatesSignFlip=10             /Use Gate 1 to NInitialGatesSignFlip to detect sign of the individual raw data curves.
TXPosX=0                             /Transmitter loop center position, x-coordinate (m)
TXPosY=0                             /Transmitter loop center position, y-coordinate (m)
RXPosX=0                             /Receiver loop center position, x-coordinate (m)
RXPosY=0                             /Receiver loop center position, y-coordinate (m)

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