Proxy server support

SPIA, Res2DInv, Res3DInv and Workbench (version 6.4 or older) supports proxy servers using the method described below. Workbench (version 6.4.1 or newer) will automatically use Windows proxy server settings and not require manual setup with an ini file.

If the user sits behind a proxy server, the software needs to have the proxy server information to contact our license server.

This is done by making a ProxySettings.ini file in the SPIA/Workbench/ResXDINv installation folder. The information in the ini file is:


Here the user needs to add the user name and password if needed, port and server IP.

If this file is in the SPIA/Workbench/ResXDInv Installation folder, the software should be able to contact our license server.

A ProxySettings.ini file is attached.

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