Import TEM data from ABEM WalkTEM

Attached is data example and this guide in pdf.

This importer should not be necessary to use, since the ABEM WalkTEM instrument already exports data in .gdb files. This importer should only be used is the export from the ABEM WalkTEM instrument somehow is failing. The importer is located in the installation folder of SPIA.

Folder structure
The main project folder contains a number of folders, one for each sounding.

An example:



Each of the Flight folders must contain:


  • An ABEM WalkTEM ini file (See next page for description).
  • One or more RwB files
  • One or more sps files

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the SPIA installation folder and run the WalkTEMimporter.exe file.
  2. Browse for the folder where the data folder is located.
  3. Click convert to import the data.

Notes about the WalkTEM ini file

  • The SoundingGroupName in ALL inifiles MUST be the same as the project folder name.
  • The SoundingName in the inifile MUST be the same as its Station folder name


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