Use external starting model in SPIA

It is possible to let SPIA automatically load an external start model from a text file. This is done from the advanced inversion in the In-version tab. The “Load Start Model” button will ask you to select an external text file. The external starting model will load, and the user can run the inversion.

The format of the text file is:

Layer Resistivity ResSTD Depth DepSTD
1 100 1.01 10 99
2 50 1.30 110 99
3 60 99 125 99
4 10 2.00

Where the ModelTypeString have the options: Layered, Smooth & Blocky.
Layered models can maximum have 7 layers. Smooth & Blocky models can have a minimum of 8 layers.

A file example is attached below.

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