Import TEM data from TEMFast

Data examples an this guide in pdf is attached.

  1. Either go to File --> Import in SPIA and choose import data in TEMFast format and load the data file, or go to the SPIA installation folder and run the TEMFastimporter.exe file.
  2. Browse for a .tem file. If there are more .tem files in the same directory, select Convert all TEMFAST files in this directory.
  3. Specify the UTM zone (EPSG) from the dropdown and press convert.
  4. Now the .tem files has been converted to USF files. Browse for the new USF Files and press import.

TEMFAST ini file

In the installation folder of SPIA, a TEMFAST.ini file is located. This file should only be changed if the user has any calibration information which can be used.



GateTimeShift=7.630E-06              Shift on gate times
GateFactor=1.010E+00                 Shift on signals
CurrentTolerancePercentage=25       Channel numbers are set based on TEMFAST time range and current. Allowthis tolerance (in percent) on currents which should be considered equal.
SkipSweepCurrentLimit=0.2            Skip sweep if current is smaller than this.
SkipNoOfPointsAfterRamp=4            Skip this number of points after the gate.
LOW_PASS=400000, 1                   Low pass filter.



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